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I liked the characters, and I felt that the story was well developed, along with the storyboard, camera views, etc. Voice acting was great. My only suggestion is to work on animating the characters consistently well; many scenes were great, but there were a few that didn't have enough facial expression to go with the emotions of the characters, or sufficient body language. Additionally, avoid simply rotating characters without changing their arm and leg position.
Other things to work on: Rex's eyes stayed vertically still, when his upper face was clearly moving, in certain scenes when he talked.
I also felt that some of the backgrounds could have been more detailed, or for the ones that looked fine in detail, seemed a bit sloppily drawn.
Anyways, it was overall a good movie, and I really like the style/appearance of the characters- it has a nice comical feel.

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Loving this song, but I'm kinda sad it's so short. For that reason, it's not (in my opinion) the best for a looping song; the change in tone at :07, which would work great in a song set to some visuals, is repetitive when looped.
Other than that, the instrumentation is great, and the subtle dynamics work really well for the piece to prevent it from being flat.

Kayoubi responds:

Oops.. sorry i coincidentaly pressed the "Useless Button". :(
But still i really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks :)

The whistle in the percussion is really out of place.
I like the background strings in :40, they fit in well. As for the piano at 1:00, I'd suggest a less electronic sounding one so it fits in with the theme better. The guitar fits perfectly though, although maybe a few harmonies would sound nice with it.
The french horn (I think that's what it is anyways) has some slower sections that seem to draw the song out a bit.
I like the reverse cymbal at 3:06, but it'd fit better if it wasn't at the end, and it led into some nice harmonies and percussive beats.
Overall, nice piece, but it has some flaws (namely the whistle... which in my opinion doesn't seem to work as percussion unless you're composing for kids' music; it doesn't suit the genre or tone of this piece)

Chongo responds:

Damn. I made this song forever ago, and didnt expect to see a review on it. Anyway thanks for it.

Now for the true response:

I made this a long time ago, as aforementioned, so I wasnt brilliant in music. I plan to redo this and add harmonies and stuff to make it sound pretty. Why I picked an electronic organ is beyond me today, however I do know why I used a whistle. I originally intended this to be part of a much larger piece to make a long instrumental story about a guy who breaks out of jail and then other crap happens to him. The slow part was meant to represent him n jail, and the whistle was meant to be a prison guard. Looking back it doesn't fit, but it made sense in context, but in context alone. And yes, it was a french horn.

One day, I may remake this song, and I'll remember your comments sir!

The part that comes in at :16 doesn't fit in too well because of whatever scale it's on.
I love the part that comes in at :47. Awesome, sounds great.
The part at 1:30 is REALLY out of place. It could fit in if you built up to it, by some tense percussion (and maybe a minor key), and a sudden pause, beforehand, but otherwise, it seems awkward. Even with the aforementioned changes, it might still end up sounding like a complete change of genre, so it may be better if you were to cut that part out. It's nothing against the instrumentation- just the dissonance doesn't fit well with the melody.
I'd vamp up the percussion in a few parts as well. It's kinda repetitive, rather boring. You can keep it the way it is for the most part, but add in some brief variation, for example, at places like 2:10 or 0:50 (you did this technique really well at 1:34).
What I like most about this song, perhaps, is the rhythm. The part that comes in at :35, for example, provides a good layer to fit in with the melody.
However, you could work on dynamics quite a bit. Subtle, slow, periodic changes back and forth between loud and soft could work well for the background rhythms. Additionally, the percussion section could use a nice accent/louder sections now and then (perhaps at like 1:36) to catch the listener off guard.
Anyways, nice job on this piece. Like theMacATTack5 said, this could easily be a great song; it just could use some minor changes here and there.

I'm a visual artist, with experience in Photoshop and Flash animation. Although I plan to seek a career in math/engineering, I enjoy art as a hobby and plan to continue making/improving it in my future.

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